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Financially strong

Proper risk and investment managements over the years enable the company to face all unexpected events during the lifetime of a project. The financial strength of the company is the key factor of success of our commitment to deliver.

In-house expertises

The company has built its reputation on a sustainable and long term strategy combining cutting-edge technology and ensuring delivering projects on time and at the right cost.

Technical partners network

For big and complex projects, the company can rely on its long term technical and commercial partnerships with major players of the industry.

Risk management

By integrating every field in house, from engineering to fabrication and field services, the company ensures perfect control and management of project risks.

Skill versatile teams

For more than 10 years, the company has been deploying a strategic training program to build multidisciplinary team members to ensure full availability of resources and. skills for our clients' projects.

One-stop player

Electrical equipment

Historical activity

The roots of the company were built 40 years ago on the foundation of the activity of electrical routing and wiring of medium and high voltage electrical equipments in France and around the world.

Full integration

From the analysis of our clients' needs to on field services through engineering, the company has been offering turnkey solutions for up to date electrical industrial equipments.

Engineering and project management

Our technicians and engineers work all together as a team in constant integration in our unique and centralized engineering center to ensure no compromise between rules and regulations, technical features and quality of execution.

Fabrication and assemblying facilities

Every technician with at least 20 years of experience among the company is fully responsible for every piece of equipments assembled in our workshops.

Industrial automation


PLC are the electronic systems that ensures that the best output possible to actuators like electrical motors, lights, valves, etc...after analyzing inputs coming from a large variety of sensors.

SCADA System

SCADA systems are real time supervision systems for our clients' complete industrial process. They enable the capability to control on field actions from a decentralized control center safe of any risks and hazards.


HMI are everywhere nowadays in industrial processes with control panels and softwares. They ensure fast and accurate diagnostic of critical events during operations.

Industrial networks

With the widespread use of global supervision systems, electronic systems are interconnected with each other through industrial network protocols like MODBUS, PROFIBUS, ETHERCAT, ASI and CANOPEN.

Industrial robotic

Industrial robots

The company installs over 200 different types of industrial robots every year manufactured by ABB, FANUC, YASKAWA, KUKA, STAUBLI and UNIVERSAL ROBOT.


Flexibility is a key factor of success of industrial process nowadays in order to adapt to product changing with a minimum of disruption. The higher the volume manufactured the higher is the competitiveness for our clients.


Productivity means making more with less resources and in a short period of time. Thus, processes are capable to absorb more demand increasing thus your price competitiveness.


Quality for our clients is the capability to reproduce again and again the same tasks, the same operations, the same processes without failing. Controlling the quality of the processes means better customer satisfaction and ever incresing competitiveness.

Safety and security

Safety and security have the primary goal to prevent any events with negative impact on the property and equipments, men and women operating on field and the environment.


Health and integrity of the men and women operating in the industrial environment is an absolute priority for all our clients.

Industrial instrumentation

Gaz turbine expertise

For over 25 years, the company has played a key role beside major gaz turbine manufacturers like General Electric and Siemens in the development of technologies for the future of energy generation thanks to its expertise in industrial instrumentation.

Instrumentation systems

Full instrumentation and data acquisition systems have been developed and deployed by our highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians. Our expertise ranges from calibrating, positioning, wiring, routing dedicated sensors to data acquisition sensors without disturbing the representativeness of the signals measured while guaranteeing compliance with our customers' standards.

Travels and customs expertise

For over 25 years and in over 25 countries, the company has built a strong experience and reputation in successful deployment of big teams of technicians and engineers on industrial sites around the world whenever and wherever the clients need it (visa, safety and security rules and regulations, customs, etc...).

Site security

Video surveillance

Video surveillance systems are virtual eyes available 24/7 to secure your properties and equipments and to ensure productivity, competitiveness of our customers' sites.

Access control

Access control systems are here to protect the properties and equipments of our clients against unwanted intrusions and to dissuade any malicious actions for a better and safer operating environment.

Optical fiber network

Benefits of optical fiber networks are various like data transfer speed, reduced maintenance and increased reliability. It is a required technology to provide video surveillance solutions.

Sustainable energy

Charging stations

With the growth in the electric car industry comes the growth in the demand of charging stations. Charging stations include cutting-edge technology electrical and power electronics components and civil engineering works.

Energy storage

There is no point talking about renewable energies without including energy storage technologies such as but not limited to lithium batteries. Indeed, energy storage systems ensure constant availability of energy while energy generation is widely variable due to natural factors.


The combustion of a mix containing hydrogen generated useful mechanical energy and, most importantly, water as a waste: the ideal form of waste. This unique property is the reason why major electrical energy producers are spending large R&D budgets to build and deploy this new generation of power generation equipments.

Solar photovoltaic

Photovoltaic panels and energy storage solutions are key factors of success for the energy transition for consumers and for enterprises.

Research & Development

Dedicated resources

R&D is part of the DNA of the strategy of the company. A dedicated team of both experienced and new engineers and technicians try and experiment what would be the future markets of the company.

Dedicated labs

Our R&D team uses physical and numerical tools in order to clear all technological unknowns as possible to set the right direction forward.


Since 2018, our company has been certified by the French Ministry of Science and Industry as an entity with the capabilities and resources to conduct complete R&D projects. With this certification, businesses using our services are eligible to a substantial tax credit.